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You could of had a V8, too!

Welcome to my "You could of had a V8, too!" engine swap section. Here you will find step by step (or jump by jump) instructions of swapping a Cadillac 4.9L V8 engine into the engine bay of a Fiero without cutting up any of the engine compartment. Part numbers will be given along the way. A complete parts list and cost sheet will be added at the end of the project. There should be time to compile these then (if I'm not too busy enjoying the ride).

If you ever decide to do this fun little low cost engine swap and would like any brackets made, I will be happy to fabricate them for you for a fee. I will put together a price sheet on fabricated parts when I compile the parts lists.

I will work on a format to make navigation to certain parts of the engine swap in the future. But for now, just click next to be on your way...

Or click BLOG to view the current status.

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